Pilates & Corrective Exercise
Private and group classes in the Village of East Aurora
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1 Group Class $35

10 Pack $250

20 Pack $400

Group equipment classes consist of up to 5 clients in a class.  Classes will use any combination of the reformer, tower, chair and arc barrel to give you a full body workout challenging your core endurance throughout the class.  You will build long lean muscles and work towards improving your posture and strength.  Classes are all level and exercises will be tailored to the level of the participants.  Group equipment classes are most appropriate for those who have prior pilates equipment experience and are familiar with the pilates principles. If you are new to pilates it is highly recommended you begin with a private session.

Weekly Class Schedule


1 Private Session $65
5 Pack $300
10 Pack $550

This is a 55 minute one on one Pilates and corrective exercise session During this session your instructor will work with you to identify postural and muscular imbalances as well as inefficient movement and gait patterns. They will then lead you through a personalized session using the Pilates equipment and CoreAlign to address your individual needs with corrective exercise.  Many people that suffer from chronic spine and joint pain will find pain relief through Pilates exercises including improved posture and movement patterns.  This session is appropriate for all bodies no matter your level of fitness. 


Included with Private Pilates Sessions

Southtowns Pilates offers one on one private training on the CoreAlign system.  The CoreAlign system was developed by a Physical Therapist to train core stability muscles to fire in perfect timing while performing challenging exercises, deep stretches and core controlled aerobic training.  It is a unique exercise experience that improves gait, posture, balance and functional movements.  Perfect for all levels including high performance athletic training.